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This website is managed by Paul Daniel Marriott & Associates, Historic and Scenic Road Preservation Planners in Washington, DC. This website was initially developed to serve as a resource for the biennial conference, Preserving the Historic Road in America in 1999. Support for the website was made available through the Rural Heritage/Historic Roads Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Center for Preservation Education and Planning in Los Angeles. The text for this site was written largely by Paul Daniel Marriott with the assistance of Jeffery Bryan Samudio. Please note that this website is not intended to offer specific engineering, safety or liability advice-all actions and activities undertaken for a historic road should be developed and reviewed under the direction of a licensed engineer or transportation professional in accordance with the laws and policies in the jurisdiction in which the historic road is located. This site maintains no formal affiliation with any of the historic roads listed or organizations referenced.

Please let us know how we can continue to improve If you have ideas or suggestions, or are aware of a resource or assistance source that could help other historic roads we welcome your comments.

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